The Cascade

The project’s intention is to create a micro water infrastructure for a community. There is a certain difficulty to get adequate drinking water for many of the Nepalese population. Many in remote areas of Nepal have to rely on small brooks and spend hours traveling to get water. Although this is a problem to be solved, the nature of this context has created a unique community spaces centered upon water. People naturally gather certain place as a part of their lives.

The Cascade is designed based on this unique feature of context to be a new center for the community. It aims to be integrated with the villagers’ lives by providing water, just as the existing water spaces. The cultural rooms are incorporated in the facility thus to increase opportunities for villagers to participate in educational activities. People gather, talk, eat, study and drink as ordinary days. This is a new “place of water as a community space”.

The Cascade is featured by its stepping floors which are constructed by local technique of making terraced fields. Thanks to these stepped floors, the building possesses waterinfrastructure utilizing natural water flow. The or- der of water-rooms is determined by following this flow, starts from kitchen (drinking water), shower, laundry and ends with farm. This composition enables to reuse water in different situations as to lessen the water loss.
Each level has a cultural room such as community room, atelier and media room that provides educational activi- ties to visitors as a part of their lives. Scattered rooms are integrated by a continuous roof that creates a village like atmosphere, where inside and semi-outside spaces are continuously connected.


Pharping, Nepal
May, 2018
Community center
Concept proposal