Tentative Face

Tentative Face is an installation proposal for We are Renovating! competition held by World Architecture Festival together with the Museum of Architecture and Design of Slovenia (MAO). The competition sought a project that provokes discussions of future of Fuzine Castle in Ljubljana which today accommodates MAO and various cultural activities.


Tentative Face consists of a combination of simple elements; multiple strings hanging from the existing building walls, and lightweight roof made by a tarpaulin. Those strings and tarpaulin create a tentative sur-face in the courtyard which is transformable by hoisting mechanism installed in the centre.
In ordinary condition, Tentative Face touches on the ground level, dividing the courtyard into 3 characterized spaces while providing alternative circulation. When the museum holds an event thus it needs one big continuous space, Tentative Face opens up by hoisting mechanism to transform the courtyard into one vast connected event space.

These simple yet dynamic spatial metamorphosis implements the idea to see the hidden potentials of the static historical space to the visitors. Tentative Face helps people to start imagining the future of space by provoking forgotten fact that every space are transformable and they are all tentative.

PAN- PROJECTS received 2nd Prize and invited to the exhibition at MAO as an exhibitor as well as a lecturer.


Ljubljana, Slovenia
May, 2019
Spatial installation
Competition, 2nd prize
MAO(Museum of Architecture and Design in Slovenia), Future Architecture