K- hair salon

K-Hairsalon is an interior design project for a private-owned hair salon locates in Ise, Japan. The client wishes the salon to be accessible for everyone where all citizens can comfortably visit as if they visit their familiar café.
The project consists of various tones of colour interacting with unique exterior of existing building that intends to connect the interior space with exterior thus to the surrounding urban context.


The existing building where the salon locates in the ground level has an iconic appearance which all the façade elements are painted in various tones of pink. Rather designing interior space apart from its outstanding character of the existing, the team determined to bring its iconic colour scheme as a design concept in order to create sequential experience of colour that bridges outside and inside together.

The design started with defining the function of colours as the key spatial element of the project, and the team determined to utilize it to identify the function of different areas in the salon. By developing gradational sequence from bright pink tone of exterior to the dark red wall finish at the deepest area in the salon, the design creates layered depth within a small interior space.

The reception area is defined by mixed furniture constituted with bright colour tiles with lacquered plywood shelve combined by light pink aluminium partition that integrates the bright pink exterior to inside. Cutting area situates in the middle is identified with continuous dark pink drawers creating intimate atmosphere. Shampoo area at the inmost space is made private with deep red wall where customers can relax while having their service.

K-hairsalon achieved the rich interior experience within a relatively small space by creating spatial layers of colour that sequentially connects outside to inside; the hair salon that opens up to the city welcoming in all the visitors.


Ise, Japan
May, 2018
Hair salon
Yousuke Ohtake