Animal shelter in Sopot

Animal Shelter in Sopot is a winning proposal for the competition that sought a building proposal for shelters of owner-less animals where those hundreds of dogs and cats can find a place to stay safe. The shelter also works as an education center for visitors to provoke discussions across issues of homeless-animals through providing physical interaction with the protected animals.


The proposed design is featured with multiple open spaces that encourage visitors to interact with animals while opening up the shelters to the beautiful surrounding nature. These are the places where animals and people stay together and spend time in peace which function was considered essential for this particular project. Those courtyards work not only for aesthetic purposes but also help to configure an efficient layout to accommodate various required functions such as a workshop, animal hospital, education center and accommodations for volunteers.

The composition of building volumes is developed by reinterpreting a traditional farmer’s house in Poland which layout holistically creates a boundary to help to keep animals inside without creating any additional barriers like fences.

The proposal received the 1st prize and the construction is expected to start as soon as the institution received the decent founding.


Sopot, Poland
JULY 2015
Animal shelter
COMPETITION, 1st prize
Barbara Bołoz